Q:  I need a wedding cake to serve 200.  How much is it?
A:  It will vary some.  Typically, tiered cakes start at $4.75 per serving.  A tiered cake for 200 is really large (5 tiers), so what I usually do especially if we're trying to stay within a budget, is do maybe 100 to 125 servings in the tiered cake (4 tiers) and then do “kitchen cakes” to make up the rest of the servings.  Kitchen cakes are sort of like sheetcakes, only I make them 4 inches tall so that when sliced, they look the same on the plate as servings from your tiered cake.  Cupcakes are also an option for extra servings.  As a pricing example, a tiered cake not too heavy in sugar flowers and/or intricate design would be:

$475 for tiered cake to serve 100
$230 for 2 kitchen cakes to serve 100

or $200 for 100 cupcakes

– No delivery charge within a 30 mile radius.
– Your top tier isn't included in the serving count, so it's free.

Q:  Do I need to schedule a consultation?
A:  That is the most simple way to communicate how you might want your wedding cake to look.  But I understand sometimes circumstances make it difficult to do so, and I can easily accommodate.  We can work out your design via e-mail and messaging. You can send me links to your colors, ideas, decor inspiration, etc., and I will work up a sketch and e-mail it back for your approval. 



Q:  What’s the best way to reach you?
A:   Most people prefer to message me on my Facebook business page. E-mail is great, too. Feel free to use the information on my contact page or the buttons at the bottom of each page here.  

Q:  Do you do party cakes?
A:  For the foreseeable future, I am only doing wedding cakes and only during the months of June and July. I have decided to shift gears and work full time at our local elementary during the school year and do a select few wedding cakes during the Summers. 

Q:  How far away do you deliver?
A:  A 2-hour drive is about the maximum distance that a cake can withstand without incurring damage. I did have a customer fly here in a private plane to pick up their cake once and I'm told that it survived the flight back to Western Kansas just fine.

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